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0 SW003 In vehicle safety witness camera - HD Dash cam In vehicle safety witness camera  HD Dash cam Jersey
In vehicle safety witness camera - HD Dash cam
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What is a Digital Video Recorder?
A Digital video recorder is a device which records inside or outside the vehicle whilst you are driving.

Why use a Digital Video Recorder?
• It records whilst you are driving, capturing video,map logging and speed 
• Helps protect you from false insurance claims,
• Driving Schools like to record senorios for their pupils
• Protection for Fleet and Hire vans

Professional installation:-

We will attach the SW003 to your windscreen with a small mount (which also contains the GPS aerial), the camera can then easily slide on and off as you wish. We will then hard wire the power connector into your vehicle, so that all you have is a very minimal amount of cable showing on your vehicle.

More about the Witness Camera

Parksafe- HD Witness Camera with LCD 2" Screen

Accessories: FREE 8 gig Micro SD card with USB adapter

Screen: Yes 2" LCD,

 Finishing: Matt Finish

 Recording Modes:1920*1080 - 1280*720

HDMI: Yes USB: Yes

Date & Time: Yes

G sensor: Yes

Microphone: Yes

Speaker: Yes

Viewing Angle: 120

Software: Ambarella A2S60

Mounting: Windscreen Mount

 Power: 12-24v Cigarette lighter plug

Optional Extras: 3m Mounting bracket sw003B

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